Chantel Dielwart

Commercial Property Consultant & Auctioneer

Chantel Dielwart is a seasoned real estate professional with a remarkable career spanning over a decade.

Her journey in the real estate industry began in 2008, and since then, she has excelled in various aspects of the field, earning accolades for her outstanding sales performance, demonstrating expertise in property management, and successfully navigating the intricacies of both residential and commercial real estate transactions.

With a unique edge as a licensed auctioneer, Chantel brings an unparalleled skill set to her clients, ensuring their real estate goals are not only met but exceeded.

Chantel’s approach to real estate is based on her commitment to client satisfaction. She understands that buying or selling property can be a life-changing decision, and she strives to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Her dedication to clear communication, market expertise, and ethical business practices have earned her a stellar reputation and a loyal client base.

What sets Chantel apart from the crowd is her status as a licensed auctioneer. She has conducted numerous property auctions, providing clients with a unique and efficient method for selling their real estate assets. Chantel’s auctioneering skills add an exciting dimension to her services, creating competitive bidding environments that often result in favourable outcomes.