Profile: Agent David “Games Master” Brinkley is a Born and Bred Noosa Local

By Michele Dale

A highly awarded commercial real estate professional, David “Games Master” Brinkley was born and bred in Noosa and loves spending time with his wife and dog at a quiet local beach.

The Sunshine Coast local has extensive knowledge of the region and has been part of the Ray White Commercial Noosa & Sunshine Coast North team for 13 years.

“Being a local means clients are assured that I know the place back to front. I have intimate knowledge of the Sunshine Coast region and have formed strong relationships with local business owners, investors, solicitors and accountants. They trust me. I trust them. We all work together as a team,” David said.

David originally trained in conveyancing with his father who was a commercial lawyer. His knowledge and experience are highly sought after when it comes to creating legally sound leasing agreements.

“Commercial and retail leasing can be tricky and it’s easy for people to come unstuck if they don’t know what they are doing. My training in conveyancing means I have a thorough knowledge of the law and the processes, particularly when it comes to completing contracts. I pride myself on getting all the details right,” David says.


One of our star performers at Ray White Commercial Noosa & Sunshine Coast North, David has achieved twelve prestigious national commercial real estate awards. He was a recipient of the coveted YPIRE (Young Person in Real Estate) Outstanding Performer Award in 2015/2016 recognising high-level sales success, and has received Premier Performer or Elite Performer awards for the past five years.

David understands that a good agent makes all the difference when it comes to negotiating a sale or lease which leaves all parties involved happy at the end of the negotiation.

“I strive to break the mould of the stereotypical commercial real estate agent. My focus is on being able to walk away from a deal where both sides are happy, we can pass in the street, shake hands and smile. It’s important to me that all parties feel like they’ve had a win,” he said.


David is a keen traveller (back when people could travel) and has spent time in Japan, Canada, USA, Italy (twice), Portugal, Amsterdam, Sardegna, Corsica and Spain just to name a few. At 19, his taste for adventure took him to New Zealand and Canada chasing the snow.

Growing up, David was a huge movie fan and spent most weekends with friends shooting and editing short films including skateboarding, surfing, comedy and even some thriller/horror films. During his time in New Zealand, he managed to secure a job working for a skydiving company doing all their video editing and, despite a fear of heights, absolutely loved it. 

“I’ve always hated anything that would take me somewhere which was over a couple of metres high. After several weeks of persistent pestering and a rather large night out on the town, the guys I worked with managed to convince me to go skydiving with them. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life! I’m so very happy I did it and would highly recommend it to everyone to try at least once. I still hate heights but slightly less than I used to,” David said.


David’s active social life and enthusiasm for organising games and entertainment for office social events have earned him the moniker “games master” from the Ray White Commercial team. He loves to ensure that everyone feels involved and is having a good time. 

A bit of a fitness fanatic, David is into tennis, snowboarding, mountain biking, volleyball and pickleball which is massive in the USA and only just taking off here in Australia.

When it’s time to chill out, you’ll find David with his wife Lauren and Weimaraner Layla at the dog beach at the north end of Sunshine Beach.

“It’s the perfect place to switch off. You can find a nice quiet spot to yourself, relax and enjoy the stunning local environment,” David said.

For a chat about the current commercial property market, contact David on 0448 594 361 or

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