Trailblazing First Woman Commercial Auctioneer for Ray White

By Michele Dale

Ray White Commercial has its first woman auctioneer. Chantel Dielwart has smashed the glass ceiling in the usually male-dominated auctioneer space, obtaining her accreditation late last year.

After starting her real estate career as a residential agent in Rockhampton in 2008, Chantel moved home to the Sunshine Coast in 2015 to work at Ray White Noosa.

Deciding it was time for a new challenge following 13 years in residential real estate, Chantel moved to Ray White Commercial Noosa & Sunshine Coast, where she has built a reputation for her enthusiasm and outstanding results.

The ambitious, award-winning agent has always loved to sell property and entertain people, so becoming an auctioneer was an obvious next step in an already high-achieving career.

“There weren’t many female auctioneers, so I saw a challenge and thought, ‘I need to do this!’,” Chantel said.

“It was always on my mind when I was working in residential. However, fear held me back so I never moved forward. Now life is going by quickly so whenever I feel that fear, I try to run towards it.”

Chantel completed her auctioneer’s course through Complete Property Training on the Sunshine Coast. The training covered all the legal and technical aspects plus practical coaching to develop her unique auction call.

“The trainers were amazing – now I feel confident to keep progressing” she said.

“I am yet to call my first auction which I’m both excited and terrified about.”

Chantel is unphased by entering the male-dominated auctioneering domain, with the team at Ray White Commercial Noosa & Sunshine Coast and the broader auction team offering support every step of the way.

“I have been tailing another successful auctioneer and have watched him call over a hundred auctions, as well as doing mock auctions of my own, which is a great way to learn and prepare,” Chantel explained.

“I am also doing follow-up training with Ray White Queensland chief auctioneer Gavin Croft, who is known as one of the finest auctioneers in the country, so I’m eager to learn from a master of the craft.”

Chantel continues to strive to set the bar higher. With numerous customer service and sales awards already under her belt, Chantel looks forward to finding her voice as an auctioneer and achieving more exceptional outcomes for her clients.

“Auctions are dynamic, interesting and fast-paced and every auction is different. I am so excited to keep growing and expanding this part of my career,” Chantel said.

Chantel is hopeful that although she is the first woman auctioneer at Ray White Commercial, she won’t be the last, and that other women in the commercial property sector will feel encouraged to give auctioneering a shot.

“There aren’t many female auctioneers in general and especially not in the commercial sector,” she said.

“A female presence in the industry presents a thrilling opportunity bringing a fresh approach, bucketloads of empathy, and strong attention to detail.”

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